Day 204: Another Little One or Not?

With the little guy at 10 months, it is a good time for my wife and I to take more seriously all our previous conversations about having a second child.  We have talked about it a lot over the last 10 months, as we explore if we want to bring into our family another member.

The big worry my wife has is “I can’t split up my love, I don’t want the little guy to get less love than I currently can give him.”  My answer to that is that love is not finite thing, you do not have X amount that you give and then run out.

My concern is about everyone in our family getting what they need and feeling loved.  I feel that we can’t responsibly bring another person into the world if my wife/me/little guy are not feeling loved and/or having our needs met.

If we do want to have another child, it’s all about timing.  We know we want to wait and not have one even in the next 1,5 years, but we do not want to wait too long either if we want the little guy and his future sibling to have a close relationship.  Then if course you often do not get pregnant immediately so you want to factor that into the timeline.

All-in-all, it’s not the easiest thing for us to make the decision of having another child or not.  So, for now, all we can do is keep an open mind about it and make sure we are building a family that is full now, but has room for one more 😉


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