Day 211: Mid Autumn Festival

Today is when the people in Hong Kong celebrate a thing called the Mid Autumn Festival.  It’s a big deal here, with lots of gift giving, food eating, and days off work. Maybe like Midsummer for the Swedish readers, or 4th of July for Americans.

As with all holidays there’s a food element involved.  People give gifts of “moon cakes” in beautiful tins for the Mid Autumn Festival.  These cakes are made with lotus flower paste and at the center is an egg yolk.  They are super rich and most would agree they are an acquired taste.  The yolk is a little bit grainy and the whole thing is just a bit too much for me.  

Fortunately my wife was given some Haagen Dazs ice cream moon cakes which only have the shape in common with a real moon cake, so we gladly ate those.  Or, me and our guests did since my wife is on a sugar cleanse. 😉   

 The other thing people do is get a lot of glowing stuff (aka lanterns) and have a picnic in the dark.  And if you live in Discovery Bay like we do, you can also enjoy the fireworks at Disneyland! 




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