Day 214: Haircut!

Today we started the day just like any normal parents of a 10,5-month-old little one: we cut his hair.

We did a morning haircut because he was in a really good mood and was enjoying his time with us.  We knew this was the time for a haircut, before he decided he wanted to go crawl all over the place, and before he had strong opinions against sitting still.

So, we sat him on the bathroom counter, and I gave him his toothbrush and he “brushed” while we cut a little.  Then when he got bored, we found some toys, and turned on the water, etc.  Key was to keep him still so you can cut him right, and without hurting him (babies turn their heads quickly!).  But we managed to do it by using teamwork: I entertained him, my wife cut. 

By the end of it, he had a nice haircut, and my wife and I had frayed nerves – and then off she went to work, and off we went to our day with our visitors. 🙂


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