Day 213: Black Sesame Buns at Din Tai Fung

Easily one of my favorite restaurants is Din Tai Fung.  It is a Dim Sum restaurant that has incredible standards for service, quality, baby friendliness, and cleanliness, and they even have a star in the Michelin Guide.

There are a lot of good dishes there; my favorite is “Tossed Wild Vegetable and Beancurd with Sesame Oil.”  It’s not just my favorite there, it’s easily a top 5 dish anywhere for me. 

As I mentioned above, they have a lot of options, from dumplings to buns, noodles to rice, and everything in-between.  But what you want to do is save room for dessert.  They have a few dessert options, but the “Steamed Mini Sesame Paste Bun” is awesome. 

the buns
Basically this is a steamed bun, filled with black sesame paste.  Black sesame tastes a bit like peanut butter with a little sesame oil and bitterness added to it.  I love it.  In fact I love the flavor so much that I will buy anything I see with that flavor – like for example the Hong Kong mcdonalds sometimes has it as a sundae topping, and I go nuts. 😉 

black sesame paste filling

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