Day 216: Baby Photoshoot

Today our little guy did a bit of modeling!  There are a lot of brands who use Hong Kong as their headquarters for producing their items, and often along with that comes local photoshoots for anything from advertising to packaging.

So, about a month ago, a friend of ours with a baby told us about a toy company her baby modeled for, and passed along the contact details.  Earlier this week we went to meet the people in the company and then late in the afternoon yesterday they asked if the little guy could come for a shoot today.

So, we went to the shoot and had a lot of fun!  The products were bath toys, and the little guy loves to take baths, so this was right up his alley.  He got paid a decent amount, which we will put in his savings account, and most importantly he had a lot of fun.  On top of that, when the product is launched (I think they said in March), they will give us a cd with all the photos for our personal use.  Cool!

There are probably some people that are against the whole thing of having your child model – mainly I think the argument is that it is exploiting your child.  The thing I would say to that is this: we pay a lot of money to go to playgroups in different parts of Hong Kong.  They are an opportunity to meet and interact with new and different people in a different place.  With a modeling job like this, he gets to play for a few hours with new toys in a new place, interact with new people, but instead of us paying for it, he gets paid.  Plus, as a former model myself working in the industry for about 10 years, I know how it works with photoshoots, and I can keep things in check if it’s going too long or the little guy needs a break, etc.

The little guy seemed to win everyone over, so we are excited to see if any other jobs will come up in the next weeks and months.  If they don’t, no big deal, it was a fun experience, but of course we are hoping for a few more. 😉

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