Day 217: Typhoon Warning

I’ve written in the past about how easy it is to get a little neurotic about things in Hong Kong – especially the weather.  

Right now we are having a typhoon warning, which we have seen in the past quite often.  It is usually little more than decreased temperatures and humidity, along with increased wind.  But this evening there has been a lot of rain and wind, so much that we could barely see out our windows.  

Of course this means that there is water leaking into our apartment through the poorly constructed and sealed window frames (apparently the saltwater eats away the grout over time).  

We have visitors coming for 2 weeks, and we optimistic that the current weather situation will clear up and they can enjoy Hong Kong. But if not, it is no big deal, we will remember the expression, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.” 😉  

a lot of warnings there!

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