Day 224: 11 months old and communicating clearly

Today the little guy is 11 months old.  I can’t believe that in only 1 more month, he will be 1 year old, and then soon I will be an old man and he will be getting married.  Ok, maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Tonight it was about 1 hour before his normal dinner time, and we were playing around on the floor.  He crawled over to the dinner table, pulled himself up so he was standing, and started looking over the top of the table.  He started reaching for some things, and at that point I brought him away from the table.  Then, he crawled back over and did the same thing – and when I pulled him away he got annoyed with me.  I thought, “Is he telling me he is hungry?”

So, I strapped him into the height chair and got his food, and sure enough, he was ready to eat!  I was blown away that this little person, who is 11 months old, knows where we eat, and knew how to communicate that he wanted to eat – without crying.  This was very clear communication – and just like all communication, for it to be successful, it required both parties to understand what was being said.  Pretty cool 🙂


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