Day 225: The Little Guy Points

Today we went out to the Hong Kong Park, as well as the Botanical and Zoological Gardens.  I have written about them before, but basically the park is awesome and has a great (and free!) aviary.  The botanical gardens and zoo are really cool if you are into orchids, monkeys and birds.

The greatest thing happened today – the little guy started pointing.  Not just with his fist as he had been, but now he has one tiny finger outstretched. And now he also has words (at least they are words to him) that he keeps repeating when pointing at a specific thing.  

Today when he pointed at the monkeys it was cool to see him saying something when he did it.  And also,when we said, “where are the monkeys?”, he did point at them.  Of course that may have been coincidence but it was still cool 🙂

It’s so cool to see this happening.  He is back to himself after being sick the last few weeks, and it seems like he has a few hidden developmental things up his sleeve now.  Exciting! 🙂


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