Day 226: Hong Kong: City of Signs

I have noticed that around Hong Kong, there are a lot of signs.  No, “a lot” is not the right word.  There are signs everywhere.  Go anywhere, do anything, and you will see multiple signs stating things you don’t care about, and things that you never knew were important.

Most of the signs are about things you cannot do.  After that there are warning signs, and then just the random signs for information.  I think it jumps out to me because there are of course signs in other places, but those signs are not always repeated so much, and they usually do not go up at the expense of good aesthetics.  But in Hong Kong I guess after a while, the signs just blend into the background and nobody cares or reads them, so they put more up – and then the cycle continues until you have the ridiculous situation that we now face.  Maybe I should make a sign to put up suggesting there are too many signs šŸ˜‰




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