Day 228: The Little Guy Eats Real Food

It has become painfully clear that now the little guy is not happy to eat puréed baby food anymore.  We didn’t do the “baby led feeding,” which is more hands on from the baby’s perspective.  Instead we went more traditional and worked our way up thru the puréed foods.

Now, the little guy will not eat a puréed food unless my wife or I sneak it into his mouth while he is eating something else.  For example, if we give him diced chicken or noodles, then we can also get some baby food in there between his bites.  He is ok with that, but will freak out on us if he is not feeding himself in some way.

Speaking of diced chicken, yesterday was the first time we gave him a significant amount of chicken.  He was not really eating so I though we would give it a shot.  Wow, he was so crazy about it that he ate all of it and stuck his face to the plate while eating to skip the step of bringing it up to his mouth with his hands.

Of course the new eating routine is extra messy – lots more post-dinner cleanup than before.  And it is then that you see how much he actually got into his mouth 😉


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