Day 229: Appreciating What You Have

Today we spent a day at the pool at one of the clubs in Discovery Bay that we are members to.  Of course we are members because we got the dues included in our rent, but we still have the awesome benefit of having this option for something to do.

When I was hanging out there, in the sun, enjoying the day woth our visitors while the little guy slept, I had a moment where I really appreciated the ability I had to be there.  And it dawned on me that I do not appreciate where I am, what our circumstances are, or many other things nearly enough.  It’s easy to get caught up in the other things that occupy our minds, and never stop and smell the roses or appreciate where you are right now.

So much time is spent in our lives planning for the future, talking about the future, and living for the future.  But having the little guy here in my life has shifted how I think. I have noticed that in the time that I have spent with the little guy, the moments we have are often what you picture the future to be.  Pushing him on the swing, for example, was always what the future would be when I had a child, and now I have one – and there we are!  

If I was spending that time worrying about the next things in life, maybe I wouldn’t see that moment.  Of course we all need to plan ahead, but maybe it’s a good idea to isolate that time and stop and appreciate where you are – explore all the circumstances that have come together, and be wowed by the awesome feeling that goes along with it 🙂


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