Day 237: Towards Our New House

Today we picked up a bunch of our possessions from storage and made our way north of Stockholm a few hours, to the town where our new house is located.

My wife and I are getting so excited -this is what we have been looking for, and now we have it in just a few days!  We are excited because we used to drive by this house and my wife would say: “oh, if this cute house comes up for sale, we must buy it!”  And after months of searching for just the right place, it finally popped up one day.

Being in Hong Kong during the last few months, of course we had the challenge of how would we look at the house when it finally did come up for sale?  Thankfully my wife’s family was really helpful, going to viewings, sending photos and videos.  But we never went into the house before we bought it.  I’ll say that again: we have not been into the house that we bought yet.

So, it is with excitement and a little bit of nervousness that we prepare for the day we get the house. What will it be like in real life?  Will we still love it?  It’s a wild ride to be on 😉


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