Day 238: Seriously Dude, Learn It

Early this morning I brought the little guy into bed with me to hopefully get a little more sleep for both him and me.  He was sleeping kind of off and on, but I really had to go to the bathroom 1 meter away in the guest room we are staying at.  Really had to go.  So I thought, “ok, I’ll be there for just a few minutes and can keep an eye on him and jump up if I need to.”  But it was super dark, and when I got my phone out to check on him using the light, the little guy was crawling to me, right off the edge of the bed.

On the up side, it was probably only a fall of about 1 foot max (what is that, 28 cm?).  Also, as he was trying to come off the bed head first, he landed on his hands and then head and then the rest of his body.  So he was just fine.  

When he fell, I did what my wife’s sister told us, and that is to make sure the baby moves on their own in a situation like this – so not only did I see him crawl and fall off the bed in slow motion (doing the “superman fly” off the side), but then I had to wait for what felt like an eternity for him to get up.  

Once he moved and I could comfort him, I played with him a bit in the mirror (he likes to mimic the weird faces I make), and then we went back to the bed to play around for a while.

After we played for a while on the bed, he wanted to crawl off the edge, but did what we have been teaching him, “backa” (backwards of the edge).  So in other words he knew what to do, but just didn’t want to do it this morning when he crawled off the bed.  

I was so worried and concerned about him all day, and at the same time thought, “Dude. When are you going to learn this?  Please don’t make it so you hurt yourself every time in order to learn the lesson.”  

At the end of it all, it is always scary when your little one does things that could cause them to hurt themselves.  Of course the key is to make sure we all relax and don’t freak out about every bump and bruise.  They will be fine, it’s us who needs to work out how to handle it. 🙂


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