Day 249: IKEA in Sweden gives away free baby food to customers

I am still blown away by a simple yet awesome thing I experienced at IKEA yesterday.  If you are in their cafe and buy a warm meal, you get a free jar of baby food!  And this is not just generic baby food, it’s Semper, a good brand in Sweden. 


our meal
So basically what happened yesterday was that I spent a lot of time and money at IKEA for things in the house.  It was more time than I expected, and I was a bit hungry and anticipated that soon the little guy would be too, so I went up to the cafe with plans to eat and give the little guy a snack.  To my astonishment they had a selection of free baby food for customers.  This was a relatively inexpensive thing for them to do, but as a parent you appreciate when companies are doing things that help you out.  In addition, they have a nice family eating area and play area by the cafe.  IKEA just gets it right sometimes. 🙂


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