Day 248: Throwing the Ball

Today the little guy crawled up to me very excitedly.  He always has something in his grip, and today it was his favorite ball.  After crawling to me, he crawled back away from me, sat up about a meter away, and threw it to me! 

worlds greatest ball for babies
 It was really cool to see the little guy “discover” purposeful, aimed, throwing.  He does not always get it where he wants to throw it, but the intention is there, and he will get it with more and more accuracy soon enough.  And after that comes playing catch, and soon all the other “father and son” stuff.  I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself, but it is a heartwarming thing to think about. :). 

But for now I will simply enjoy the little throwing sessions we have around the house – he has a good arm, sometimes the ball zips by me and I don’t have a chance.  Good thing that ball is soft!


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