Day 255: the little guy turns one

It’s a big day in our family; the little guy turns one today.  It’s a bit wild that this day is upon us because the year has both flown by and been interesting and wonderful, but it has also been one of the hardest years I’ve lived through.

It is has been interesting and wonderful because I have been blown away as the little guy has learned all sorts of things and developed and grown both naturally and with our help.  We were amazed at the little things, like when he could first laugh at what we did, and we are now amazed at all the things he continues to learn, ex: that I taught him to stick out his tongue, and now he does that to start playing a joke.  All these things, as small as they seem to the outsider, are huge to us.  It’s been the growth of our little guy from a baby into a toddler, and it has been fascinating.

The difficult parts are well documented everywhere online, and I can say they are probably all true in one way or another.  You as a parent are redefined; people say hi to your little one, not you – and that basically covers it in a nutshell. Your priorities shift in a major way, as you care about things that will impact the life of the little guy and what it will mean for him.  

In addition, as a parent, your relationship is under strain.  All the time.  And you both feel frustrated that you are not able to just put things on autopilot since there are so many other things to focus on.  Who you are as a couple is not who you were 1 year ago.  You are parents now, and the bond you have at this point is most likely more like  the one soldiers who have gone through wars together feel, and less of the romance of a 1990s Johnny Depp movie.  But strangely it is all worth it with every smile, every accomplishment, every little success you share together as a couple and as a family.  You will get through it, it is hard for everyone.

So as we look forward into the next year, my hopes are simple.  I hope we can become a tighter family who is more focused on being one together.  I hope we can show our son in the year ahead how to operate in the world as a good human, who has love as the first thing in our hearts and minds.  And I hope to laugh.  A lot.  Without too much prompting – life is short, this first year has flown by as if someone hit the fast forward button.  And the only way it will not speed up too much is to just enjoy the ride without holding on too tight. šŸ˜‰


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