Day 256: Food in the Mouth?

As you know, we have realized the little guy is not happy eating babyfood.  Basically he needs to eat what we eat, and wants to do it for himself.  

Today we had spaghetti and moose meat bolognese sauce.  He didn’t eat the meat or sauce, but he did eat the spaghetti.  Or so we thought: 

The floor afterwards was like a mine field; every time we walked by the table got the hour after eating, we dealt with a gooey sock from stepping on spaghetti.

This leaves my wife and I asking the question: “now, how can we be sure he’s getting enough food?”  I think the answer to that is two-fold. First is that he will eat if he is hungry, and the second is that we should just pay attention to him and his cues and make sure the food is there when he does show he is hungry.  It’s not necessarily good if he’s eating if we are force-feeding him, which is easier to do with babyfood, and there is a growing movement to simply provide your little one with the food they will need, and if they don’t eat, don’t push it.  

This will of course help create healthier attitudes towards food later on.  I am all for this, but I also care about the little guy getting the nutrients he needs – but I guess you can’t push it or eating for him will become an”thing” – something we would all like to avoid if possible!


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