Day 266: The Little Guy When We Have Guests

The little guy has always been social – he loves people and he loves it when people are around; the more the better.  When it is just me and him, it’s pretty smooth: he doesn’t whine or cry, he eats during meals, and he is generally awesome.

Then the visitors come.  We have 5 people visiting and staying with us for the next 10 days, and he is super pumped.  He is like a wild horse with all the energy in the world; but a wild horse who doesn’t eat well during any meals, and doesn’t want to do anything that we normally do (like sit in a civilized manner in the stroller).  

The one benefit of this is that he completely wears himself out by the end of the day.  So basically while he is a major handful of confusing emotional torment during the days, at least I can get some rest during the nights to handle that craziness well the next day.

It’s weird how “charged up” he gets by other people, but I guess it’s better to embrace it – being social like he seems to be is a good thing, so I guess there’s no reason to stifle it 🙂


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