Day 265: Fair Weather Swimming (or being a Badkruka)

The weather has cooled down in Hong Kong from the summer, but it has still been pretty warm during the week, peaking at around 29 this week.  So, early in the week we made the plans to go swimming this morning, when the weather was supposed to be 27 or 28 degrees.

You can imagine my disappointment this morning when I got outside and it was 24,5 degrees and windy.  To a person like me, who is a fair weather swimmer (it needs to be HOT outside!), this was not awesome news.  I texted my friend to try to change the plans, but we ended up going anyway.

We went to the pool, and the little guy was sleeping, so I got into the water.  Slowly.  And after a few minutes I has 1/2 way into the water.  It was freezing!  I finally just dropped in, and adjusted and found it “refreshing” (that’s a positive word to use when it is cold but you want to enjoy it).

The best part of the swim was when I got out and took a nice warm shower so I could be changed and ready when the little guy woke up.  I realized while showering that I have always enjoyed the warm shower after swimming more than I enjoyed the actual swimming.  Pools were always too cold for me (and still usually are).

I learned from our Swedish friends that I am what the Swedish call a “badkruka.”  Literally it means “bath pot,” but it’s what they call people who are reluctant to get into the water when it’s cold.  And I fear my son is also one.  This summer we were in Sweden and the weather was warm, and everyone was at the lake swimming.  We tried to put the little guy into the cold lake water, and he raised his legs up 3 inches for every inch we dropped him towards the water, until he was climbing up our arm to avoid it.

No big deal, the little guy and I can still enjoy swimming when it is hot and doing normal things when it is not-so-hot.  Like playing ball games or being in the yard or park.  Swimming is not the only way to have fun in the summer, especially if you are a Badkruka. 😉


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