Day 268: The Heartbreak of Preparing Food for a Toddler

One of the worst elements of having a toddler is preparing food for them.  Imagine if you will, a situation where you cook a magical meal; thought-out to every element, with all the important bits covered, plus a few just in case.  Now imagine you serve the meal, and the person eating it just cries and throws it on the floor.  That’s my life, 3 meals a day, plus a few snacks thru the day, every day.  

The little guy is going thru a phase and/or teething now, so he is not really interested in food that is not crunchy.  So foods like bread sticks, toast, and Japanese pears are great, but everything else, in his opinion, should simply be thrown on the floor while screaming.

It’s so frustrating to make a meal that is nutritious and right for your child, and even encompasses “play” in it, and to then see that food be rejected, thrown away, and generally hated.  Especially when you know he likes the food, but it’s just some weird new behavior.  I guess I just need to keep on offering the food as I do, and try not to let my soul be crushed by the wastefulness of my 1 year-old 😉 

before you get excited and think he ate a lot, look under the table


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