Day 269: Tien Yi Chinese Restaurant, The Peak, Hong Kong

When we have visitors, there is one place I always go to with them: The Peak.  I really enjoy the views – even taking a coffee is a breathtaking experience; as you look over the massive city below you, you can’t help but feel small.

What about restaurants at The Peak?  I have been to a few, and today we are dim sum at a place called Tien Yi.  It was truly fantastic food, and I genuinely thought every dish we had was excellent.  And then if you combine that with the wonderful views, it was really amazing.  Prices were a bit high: our meal cost a little over 200 hkd per person, but I ordered a lot of food for us, and people also had beer.  But considering that you are getting a high quality meal with a view of a lifetime, I think it’s worth it 😉 

the view from our table
I can’t remember the name of this dish, but I didn’t want to share it
vegetarian dumplings


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