Day 273: The 6 or 6x Bus from Central to Stanley, Hong Kong

If you are in Hong Kong and you want to do something great with your day, go to Stanley.  It’s a wonderful place to visit (I wouldn’t want to live there), and it gives you a nice getaway from all the hustle of the city. 

the bay in Stanley
 To get there you can take the 6 or 6x bus from Exchange Square (Central).  Basically if you take the 6 bus, it means you are going over the hill, and that will take a little longer, but the views are nice anyway.  If you take the 6x bus, you go thru the tunnel.  I appreciate taking the 6 bus there, and the 6x bus back, but to be honest we always take whichever bus is leaving first from Exchange Square when we are there.

The ride takes maybe 45 minutes, and you have the most spectacular sea views along the way as you pass by Repulse Bay, for example.  On the way home, it’s hard not to drift away into sleep as the sun is setting over the ocean and you hear and feel the rhythm of the bus. 

photo taken from the bus on the way home today

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