Day 274: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

I’ve written a lot the last few weeks about how challenging it has been with the little guy.  It has been no picnic with various developmental things going on at this age, and then a bit of sickness adding an element of discomfort.

As the little guy has a sore throat and is coughing a lot now, today I realized how hard it must be for him.  Think about it: he can’t say what is wrong with words.  He only has one way to communicate to us (crying).  He is in real, legitimate discomfort right now, and he is really confused mentally and emotionally with all the developmental changes he is going thru.  That’s a lot to handle!  Talk about frustrating, right?

So I guess this is a call out to all parents to be compassionate and “long-fused” with their little ones, especially toddlers.  After all, if we had the same circumstances even as adults, we might just act the same way 😉


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