Day 275: He Loves to Read (or He is Smarter Than We Think)

There has been a really cute thing happening with the little guy lately.  He will go, find a book, and bring it to us and have us read it to him.  For example, the other morning, he was laying in our bed with us, and then he went down to the floor, crawled over to a book, and brought it up to bed.

Today, me and him spent at least 1/2 an hour in the afternoon reading different books, which was quite cozy because he not only brings me a book, but he gets into my lap and nestles in for me to read, points to pictures, turns the pages, and so on.  Then, something else happened.

He started to point to the kitchen.  At first I thought it was the table, which had his water cup on it.  Not it.  Then, I thought he wanted a toy.  Nope.  Ok, ok, it’s the kitchen.  Hmmm, ok.  So we went in there.  Then, he pointed immediately to the drying rack where we put his bottles.  (only his bottles).

He does not get a bottle during the day; only at night.  But when he is sick, like he has been the last week, we will occasionally give him a bottle so he gets some nutrients.  But today, when he pointed to a bottle at 17:00, I was not cool with that (bedtime is 2-3 hours later).  So, I said no, we only have a bottle at bedtime.  I offered him other food, and as he had eaten a snack just 1 hour before, he was not interested.  He only wanted the addictive contents of the formula.  So, knowing he was not hungry and just wanted the bottle, we had a stare-off.  Or a cry-off.  It was not much of one: he cried, I let him, and eventually we came to an understanding.

Could it be possible that his 12-month-old logic has developed so that he knows the sequence of events at bedtime (reading, bottle, sleep), so he thought that if we read during the day he will also get a bottle?  Could that be?  I am starting to think it is the case.  As a toddler, there is a lot of learning going on, and they have no shame built into them about doing whatever they can to get what they want.

So, as it is, he is either super into reading and having cozy story time, or he is trying to find a day-time shortcut to a bottle.  Let’s hope for the cozy story time 🙂


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