Day 277: The Quirks of a 1 Year-Old

The little guy has virtually recovered 100% from being sick last week, which is awesome.  This has also brought his real personality, which is lovely, back into the front row, so I have been able to enjoy being around him more.  Below are a few things that he has done over the last few days, and/or are just part of who he is in this phase.

Playing Jokes:  He has a bunch of jokes that he will play on me and my wife; most of which involve the sticking out of his tongue (something I taught him 2 months ago that he still does).  However, things are getting more advanced.

Today, when he was waking up, I heard him moving around in his bed.  When I went into the room, he was sitting in the bed, playing with his pacifier.  He put his arms up to say, “hey, pick me up!”  And when I reached into the crib, he put his arms down and crawled to the pillow and hid his face, while laughing.  He did this same thing over and over again to me for about 5 minutes 🙂

Telling Us When He Wants a Bath:  He will decide when it is bath time, not us.  He does this by crawling into the bathroom, then into the shower, then pointing at the tub and babbling words.

Telling Us When He Wants to Eat:  He now does more than crawl to the table.  He is starting to crawl up his Tripp Trapp height chair!

Telling Us When it’s Time to Leave the House:  He crawls up onto his stroller, turns around and sits there, waiting for us to clip him in and get on with it.

Everything Goes into a Package:  Everything gets “put away.”  If there is a bigger thing, and smaller things, those smaller things will end up in that bigger thing.

Waving Goodbye:  He will wave goodbye to a shadow, a dog, people, friends, me, trees, buses, and even his books.

Shrugging:  My wife had been shrugging and putting up an arm while saying “gone”  when he dropped his water or food on purpose.  Now he does it whenever he drops something, and he will also do it when things he expects to see are not there.  For example when I brought him into his bedroom, where a visitor was staying last week, he just shrugged and put his hand up, and babbled a word (I think it was “gone”).

Pointing:  At anything and everything.  And if he and his friends are all in the strollers together, they are all pointing and babbling and having a great conversation about it.

Surely there are many more things I could add to this, but at the moment those are the prominent ones at the top of my head 🙂


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