Day 278: Knee Walking

The little guy at 1 week short of 13 months, is still not walking.  No rush as far as I am concerned, but you can see a lot of steps towards walking in the works.  For example, he is walking around while holding my hands (which he does not really need), and he will stand while eating a snack, looking around while playing, or whenever.  If he forgets he is standing, he will do it without any aid.

A funny thing he does is walk on the knees.  So, lets say he wants to bring me a toy car, which he did tonight.  He went and got it, and started crawling back.  Then, he must have realized it is not that easy to crawl while holding something, so he went up on his knees and carried it back to me, walking on his knees.  He is already happy to sit like a prairie dog, which is kind of funny, so seeing him “walk” like this is a funny, and probably very short lived, phase.


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