Day 288: Brio Clown Stacker = Awesome

The holidays are here and people are keeping their eyes open for toys for little ones.  If you have a little one on your gift list who is around the same age as ours (13 months), the Brio Clown Stacker is a great option.Brio Clown

The little guy has one of these that we left in Sweden last time we went back to Hong Kong.  Now that we are back, he is playing with it a lot.  Basically he loves to put the pieces on the stick, and bring them down to the base, and he does it in an order that makes sense for him (that means, if I try to put some pieces on it, he will take them off and put them on in the order he wants them).  He generally explores the best way to put the pieces on, and it is fascinating to watch him work through it.

Today we played for at least 30 minutes straight with it in his room, and he would have likely played with it longer if I didn’t leave to prepare dinner.  30 minutes with a toy, for a toddler of 13 months, is a really long time – so this one is a winner.  And add to that that it is made of wood, and it looks pretty cool when it is not being used, and you have a great toy!


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