Day 289: The Little Guy Takes His First Steps

Wow, what an awesome thing to see.  The little guy took his first steps this evening.  Super cool!

I’ve said this before: life is not like a movie, where the special moments come at just the right moment, with the right lighting, the right music, and so on.  But tonight it was pretty close.  Here’s what happened.

We are back in Sweden in our house, and it is an old house, so it gets a little cold in the little guy’s room.  I purchased a heater for the room, and I opened the box in the living room and walked into his bedroom to put the heater in it.

I could hear him crawling after me, “talking” while doing so.  His bedroom is off the kitchen, which has a wood stove in it, surrounded by a gate to keep him safe.

When I was walking back out of his room, there he was, walking to me from the corner of the gate.  He had his hands in the air, like a chimpanzee does when they walk, and in one of his little hands he was holding the instructions for the heater I purchased; he was bringing them to me.

I stopped for a moment and realized wow, these are his first steps – he is walking to me, wanting to bring me something.  I got down on my knees and let him finish walking to me, and his little walk finished in my arms, while I hugged him and congratulated him on some nice walking.

The funny thing was, we have all noticed that he has been doing a lot of steps between things the last few days, but I decided it would not be considered “first steps” until he consciously decided to take steps instead of crawl, or instead of it being more convenient to take a step or two between two things that are holding him in the standing position.  In other words, the first steps needed to actually be steps – and then tonight it happened.

When he took those steps, I did not know what to do.  Do I call my wife, do I try to take a picture, what do I do?  So instead I just smiled, took it all in so I can replay it back in my mind a million more times later in life.  Me in his room, him walking to me with a big smile on his face, and what I think might have been a sense of accomplishment coming from him when he reached me.  In my head, this one was just like a movie 🙂


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