Day 291: please stay healthy

Today we went to the doctor for a check-up for the little guy.  Everything is fine, he seems to be ahead on a few things and normal on others.  Basically, what you want to hear when you bring a little one in for a check-up.

Then it was time for the final “booster shots” – a combination of two shots given 3 times in the first year.  He’s 13 months so we now got the last shot which is normally given around 12 months.

The thing is, he is just now again getting healthy after being sick and dealing with the teething pains in Hong Kong.  When he is healthy he is really fun to be around.  He plays, laughs, learns things, and so on.  But when he is sick, he is really not much fun.  He’s really whiny, wants to be close all the time, and everything you would expect from a sick toddler.

So when the midwife/nurse told us he had to get some shots, I was not super pumped, because that means he will be feeling a little off for a few days.  A few more days of induced sickness basically, just when he is finally feeling better.  So now I say, “please little guy, stay healthy now these shots.”  We have a lot of travel in the next few weeks, a lot going on with the holidays – let’s hope he (and we) can make it thru it with our health.


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