Day 290: A Huge Appetite

The little guy is clearly burning a lot of energy in his efforts to walk, and/or he is going thru a growth spurt.  This I say because he is eating a TON of food!

Yesterday, he ate a good breakfast including 2 eggs, and then lunch (salmon and potatoes), then an early dinner (moose, potatoes, cucumber, and apples), and then before bed he ate a whole avocado.  Today, he followed a similar huge eating display, including eating 2 chicken legs and thighs in his dinner meal.

It is so great seeing him eat so much, but it is crazy to me just how much he is eating.  If you had asked me a year ago how much food a 13 month-old would eat, I would assume it would be 1/4 of what I eat every meal.  Yeah right!  There are times when he just keeps going that I am shocked (like tonight with the chicken).

The disadvantage of all of this eating is that his diapers are a lot less fun to change (for a lot of reasons).  And the advantage is that he slept through the night last night without waking up (from 19:30-7:30).  I am optimistic about tonight, too, given his eating today.

I can see where the energy is going.  He is walking around (or trying to) so much more now, it is like a new toy he has, this ability to walk.  So, he is using it and I guess that increases his appetite.  Pretty interesting to see, and amazing that this is all the normal process for basically everyone.


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