Day 293: Bucket List

I have never really been one for a “bucket list.”  To me, as a person who lives my life for the experiences, has been around the world, and so on, it has seemed a little bit funny to make one of these lists. I mean, why make a list when you can just make a plan to go do something, and go do it?  I only have a few things left that I would really like to experience one day.

On a walk today, those things came to my mind for some reason, mixed in with all the other memories of experiences I have had.  I have been awed by the Great Wall of China, I have seen the Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci.  I have been to Rome, spent the night in the desert in Morocco, eaten food cooked on a boat in Thailand.  I’ve been to the southernmost city in the world, seen the city lights in Tokyo, and been to almost all corners of the USA.  All of those things and many more, and everything in-between.

But there are some things I really want to do/see.  I’d like to go on a photo safari in Africa, I’d love to see the pyramids in Egypt, and I’d really really love to go to Pompeii (that one bothers me to still have un-done; I have spent a lot of time in Italy).  And the final one is to see and experience the northern lights.  This one is of course funny because I live in Sweden, but I have never seen them.

I am sure I have more that I’d love to do, but those 4 things are on the top of my mind.  But the thing is, I am in no rush, there are so many other wonderful thing to experience that are not remarkable enough to be written about.  And if I experience the world with my son and wife, it can all be interesting and wonderful in a completely different way than my pre-family life.  Better, richer, more interesting.  That’s maybe the 5th thing: do as much of my favorite things, with my family, share them with my loved ones.


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