Day 294: forced into a low-salt diet 

Lately I have realized that because of the little guy, I have been forced into a low-salt diet.  And the crazy thing is, I haven’t really noticed.

I used to be (and still am) a huge salt fan.  I’m the guy who salts his food automatically, who loves salty snacks, and who could basically eat a salt lollipop if they made them.  All those gourmet salts are a dream to me.  But then I had a child, and that child turned into a toddler.

Now I share my meals with him.  He is supposed to be just fine eating whatever (within reason), so when we are out or even at home, we share food; meaning we both eat the same thing.  And when we are at home, we still give him un-salted or low-salt meals.  We just figure that if salt is sooooo bad for them before they are 1 year old, then how can it magically be ok for him at the first birthday?  So, at home when we cook, it’s lower salt than it used to be before him.

The crazy thing is, I haven’t really noticed a difference.  I think this has possibly been a really good way to break me of a bad habit of over-salting.  It can only be a good thing to have a lower salt diet, so as long as we are sharing food, it will be that way.  Or at least as long as he is also eating the same food as us – all bets are off if/when we start making chicken nuggets and french fries.


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