Day 303: a little flirt

The little guy noticed a long time ago that if he does certain things, he will get attention from women.  He will for example do something they find cute, like look at them and smile when they smile – and when they smile back it reinforces his behavior.

Tonight at the hotel, he was flirting with all the women in the area.  A stare, a point, a wave, some words (that don’t make sense) – all followed by words of adoration.  When he was just a little baby it was super funny to me when he did these things.  But now as he gets older and I realize he is just learning from everything he experiences, I get a little embarrassed and worried when he does it.  Is he bothering them?  Is this cute for them? Is he going to learn this bad behavior and keep on doing it?  I guess I should just keep laughing and enjoy it when it happens, after all it is impressive to see how he turns on his charm 😉


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