Day 304: self-awareness in the little guy 

The little guy has been meeting a lot of relatives and new people on this trip to the USA, and has also been learning a lot of identification of things from books and the real world.  Pointing out a dog on the street, a pig in a book, and so on.  It has gotten to the point now where if you are reading a book and ask, “where’s the cat?”, he will point to it.

Pointing like this also happens with people, not just things.  So if we say, “where is grandpa?”, he points to him, and the same with grandma, mamma, and pappa.  And today, we asked him “where is (his name)?” And he pointed to himself.  This was so cool, it was the first time that he had done that.  He knows who he is, he knows he is separate from other people, and he knows he has his own identity, to some degree.  Amazing stuff happening mentally and physically virtually every day, I can’t wait to see what interesting things are around the corner.


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