Day 308: off to Sweden again

Tomorrow we make our journey back to Sweden.  It has been a good trip back to the US, but I am ready to go back home.  After all, although I am American, home for me is in Sweden.  A visit back to the US is more of an update to my system about what the US is now, as well as to feed any desires I have for American things (food for example) that I might be missing.  

Seeing family and friends while I am here has become the biggest priority, and it is something I look forward to on our next journey here too.  Until then though, I will continue to make my home abroad, and I will continue to find myself step-by-step further away from the country I am a citizen of.  At the core, I am still American, and happily so, but upon that core are built layers from other cultures and customs from not only the places I have lived but the places I have visited, too.


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