Day 307: Happy Flu Year!

Happy Flu Year!  Stomach flu, that is.  For 2 parents of a 13 month-old.  Tjoho!  It’s fun!! 

Yesterday my wife and I had a nice day with the little guy, and then a good friend of mine and his wife and daughter drove 4 hours to meet us for New Year’s Eve and weekend.  We met up with them and he and I went to the supermarket to get food for the evening.

When we got back, my wife told me she was feeling a bit nauseous, and she did not want any food.  As we ate, she excused herself into the bathroom and threw up.  I suggested that I put the little guy to bed and join them in their room.

We hung out as parents with small children do, and I was back to our room by 10:45.  I got ready for bed and laid down, and by 11:20 I was in the bathroom too.  And then at midnight to celebrate the new year I was back in there.  And it continued a few more times until 5:30, and I didn’t really feel very good until I got up at 14:00.

My wife was feeling better by around 9, so basically we knew she was about 5 hours ahead of me both in getting sick and recovering.  All of the symptoms point to stomach flu, one of the worst things I can possibly think of to have, especially while traveling.  

Stomach flu comes on suddenly and has similar symptoms to food poisoning, except it comes with diarrhea, chills, and a much longer sickness and recovery time.  On this instance, now we have to take it easy regarding what we eat, drink slowly, and not enjoy any of the finer things in life (no sweets, alcohol, or fatty foods).  As for the little guy, we are now convinced he contracted stomach flu and that’s how we got it, but fortunately because of the timing of my wife and I getting sick, he was taken care of just fine.  Here’s to a healthy year ahead for everyone.


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