Day 314: bedtime freak

Up until now, we have had a good nighttime routine with the little guy with few complications.  We put him to bed, and if he woke up maybe he was hungry so we gave him a bottle, and then all was covered.

Since we got back to Sweden, it has literally been a nightmare.  He goes to bed, sleeps for a few hours, and then he wakes up screaming like crazy; completely inconsolable.  Then we calm him down, and after he falls asleep in our arms or next to us we try to move him to his bed.  And boom, he wakes up and screams some more.  It could last for hours it seems, and so we go into his bedroom and pick him up, and then the cycle continues.  The only way to stop the madness is to let him fall asleep and stay asleep next to us in our bed.  Since we want him to sleep in his own bed, this doesn’t really nice for us.  

So now we are on our 5th night dealing with a tired toddler and tired partner regretting the bad habits he must have picked up on our trip to the USA when we were sleeping in the same room.


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