Day 315: cold weather

We have been back in Sweden for about a week now, and the weather here has been cold since we arrived.  Cold as in -22 degrees c one day (-8 f).  

This weather is nice to be around in the sense that it is “fresh” (important word in Sweden).  It is also very cozy, as the temperature prevents you from going outside from too long, so you stay inside and get to feel nice and warm while the cold temperatures put ice on the windows and the snow flurries outside.

What adds to the coziness is that our heat pump that we normally use to keep the house warm is not working when it is colder than -10c, so we have to use the wood burning fireplace.  We have a big pile of wood that came with the house so every day I bring in at least 2 large loads of wood so that we can burn it to keep the house warm.

Outside it really is beautiful, and as the snow keeps falling, the romantic image of our little home grows.  

view out the back window
cozy hideaway
sunrise down the road


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