Day 316: a walk in the snow

As I wrote yesterday, it has been really cold in Sweden lately.  Snow normally does not come when it is so cold, but when it starts to warm up a little (between -10 and -5 c), the chances of snow increase.  So it was amazing to wake up today to the freshly fallen snow.

As the day wore on, the snowfall continued.  We went for a morning walk, which was short as the snow was really falling.  And as the little guy got tired in the afternoon I took him for another walk so he could take a nap.

I have written about he fact that in Sweden it is super common to have your child sleeping outside in the winter (in amazing sheepskin-lined sleeping bags called åkpåse).  So today as I went for a walk pushing the little guy thru the snow, people were not surprised to see me.

As we ventured out, I realized with chagrin that the sidewalk along the road had not been cleared.  And as I walked on, I also noticed how difficult it is to push a stroller thru the snow.  My legs began to burn, as if I had cross-country ski’d 40 miles.  

I walked and walked, pushed and struggled, and I suddenly regretted the layers of wool I was wearing, and the incredibly warm down parka seemed like it must be the place that the sun gets its heat from.  My new mittens with the wool inserts came off, and I somehow found it a relief to be walking bare-handed in the cold air.  I returned to the house sweating, beat, and ready for a glass of water.  The things you do for your child to have a good nap 😉 

the amazing rain cover proves useful in the snow, too

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