Day 323: father and son alone again

Tomorrow my wife goes back to some meetings at her company’s head office in another country & city.  This means of course a long week for her, and it also means a long week for me.

I love spending time with the little guy, but there are times when you need help.  For example when you want to take a shower, or you need to go to the supermarket.  Or simply put, there are times you need to have some “you time.”  

When you are alone with your child for long amounts of time, on the positive side it creates a stronger bond between you.  On the other hand it is easy to forget your own needs or to get the right socialization for both of you.

Fortunately my wife has family where we are spending our time in Sweden, so we can see them and it will not be complete isolation. As for me, this week might get a little long because I plan to get my son back on track for his messed-up sleep patterns, which will involve some long nights and some whiny periods during the day.  Long story short, he is taking longer naps than he should during the day, and going to bed too late and waking up during the nights.  It won’t be fun but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, and it’s better to do it while my wife is gone so it won’t interfere with her work.  Wish me luck šŸ˜‰


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