Day 340: “look” he says

I have been a little concerned because the little guy has basically a 1-word vocabulary.  2 if we stretch it.  It is either “dah” (the thing I am pointing at) or “mamammamamama” (I want something).  But then again, he also says nana (for mom) and dada (for me).  Nonetheless, he is not really using a lot of actual words.

His comprehension is quite extensive in both English and Swedish, which is cool.  For example he knows what a bunch of animals are, who different people are, a lot of “things”, and so on.  But his actual speaking is not there yet.

To be fair to him, he is only 14 months, so he shouldn’t be speaking much, and I was a late talker myself.  Additionally he comes from a 2-language household, so that also delays things.  At the last checkup the doctor told me that at 18 months they expect an 8-word vocabulary.  That’s not too far away!

So you can imagine my excitement and happiness when he was getting changed yesterday morning.  He held his stuffed animal towards me and said without hesitation, very clearly, “titta!”  This is a Swedish word that means “look”, like if you want someone to look at the thing you are driving by, you say “titta.”  I was super pumped to hear this because I use this word a lot with him, but not as much as some words, so I have a feeling those other words will make their way out soon. 

Until then I’ll just keep reading to and talking with him, asking him questions he can answer. 🙂


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