Day 341: A Toddler’s Bodily Awareness

I wrote a few weeks ago that the little guy indicated to me that he wanted me to change his diaper by sitting on his changing mat and handing me a diaper.  I thought it was either because he is getting an increased awareness of his body or he just liked the new “throw the diaper away” game.  It turns out he definitely has an increased awareness of his body.

The last few days, he has done a few things that indicate this.  First, the farting.  He knows when it is coming, will pull up his shirt, hit his stomach, and then a few seconds later, “pthththhhhh” – followed by him laughing.  At dinner, while eating, and even in the bathtub – farting followed by laughing.  Next, the penis.  He has found it, and he seems mildly fascinated by it during diaper changes and baths.  Today when changing his diaper he actually got angry at me for closing off access to it when I put the diaper on him.

He is also aware of when he either pees or poos, and he will grab his diaper, or start walking towards the changing mat if I ask him, “did you poop?”  Also, when he is hungry, he will grab or pat his stomach, as if to say, “hey, I am feeling some hunger pain, you’ve gotta solve this now.”

So, it is an interesting new era that we go into where the little guy is aware of his body and more and more, it’s functions.  Not sure if I’m ready for it, but here we go 😉


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