Day 344: World’s Best Truffle Potato Chips

One of my favorite flavors in general is that of the truffle.  The earthy aroma of truffle oil, for example, is enough to make my mouth water right now as I write this.  And for me, this means that basically everything “truffle” is amazing.  Truffle salami?  Yep.  Truffle oil on pasta?  Yahoo!  And then there is the pinnacle of use of the truffle: Truffle Potato Chips.

I have tasted truffle potato chips in a few different countries, but none of them even come close to the truffle potato chips here in Sweden.  When you open the bag and the smell hits you in the face, you know immediately that you will finish the bag in one sitting.  Both my mother-in-law and my mother also share this love for truffles, and I have never opened a bag and finished them later when it is me and either of them.  What can I say, these women have good taste, just like I do! 😉

I think what makes these chips in Sweden so delicious (the ones I like are made by Gårdschips) is that they taste just like truffle.  Not some fake variation of truffle like the French truffle chips I once had.  The chips themselves are also a little thicker and super crispy – if you are American, think of Kettle Chips, and if you are Swedish think of Svenska Lantchips.  So if you add them together you have a perfect combination of flavor and crunch that is amazing.  Now I think it’s time to go open a bag 🙂




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