Day 343: how does a baby/toddler think?

Something has been fascinating to me since the little guy was born.  When he laid there on his mother’s breast after the long struggle to actually be born, he looked aware, alert, and full of thought.  

As the days, weeks, and months have flown by and I have seen him learning, doing new things, and go about his day, I wonder, “what’s going on in that brain?”  What does he think about when he is looking at two objects?  Or, when he seems so engrossed in playing with something, what’s going on in his mind?

To take it another step further, there’s the question of how he is thinking, too.  How does a tiny little person with no language think?  You know what I mean?  Like he does not know how to say “I want to play with that ball” – so how does he think it?  

Maybe it’s some kind of internal non-verbal language that we all have before we learn other languages or some kind of instinctual connection and understanding we have with ourselves.  Like when I want to take a sip of my water, I don’t think “I must now take a drink,” – I just do it.

It’s a circular discussion because it is not something we will ever know, but my money is on some kind of animal/primitive instinctual, internal understanding we have deep inside that eventually develops more structure as the language center forms and our brains develop.  But who knows?  It’s cool to think about, isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Day 343: how does a baby/toddler think?

  1. Jag tänker mass på precis det här! När jag mediterar så är det för att skala av, att bli av med alla röster som ständigt pratar, dömer och ger logiska förklaringar. Typ, jag slog i foten, det gör ont just nu men det går över om några sekunder. Nästa gång ska jag akta mig för hörnet. Medan WK.. han är ju dit där vi som mediterar försöker komma. Utan den där inre rösten som talar om allt. Har han ont så ÄR han ont. När han ser sin pappa så blir hela kroppen glad. Det är så himla himla fint, men man förstår att de får raseriutbott när de inte får som de vill.

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    1. Isn’t it fascinating?! If you do not have the words to put with the feelings you have, I imagine it would be frustrating – maybe one reason why some kids are screaming all the time – so misunderstood but they don’t know how to say it. And on the other side, so happy they don’t know what else to do but shake like a monkey! How interesting!


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