Day 350: Air Conditioning in February?

When we arrived this morning it was already balmy in Hong Kong, with unseasonably humid weather and fog that blocked any view you might try to see.  The temperatures got up to 23 and are expected to stay up thru the weekend until the drop to seasonal temperatures around 12-16 c this week.

Being gone for 2 months, one thing waiting for us in the mail was our electricity bill, which in the summer was a little high (up to 2800 hkd one month – about 3100 sek, or 350 usd).  So naturally we were a bit worried, even though all things were unplugged and we were only here 1/3 of the month.  How high was it?  An amazing 116 hkd (130 sek, 17 usd).  So you can imagine how happy we were about that!

So as we got back from a walk in the unseasonably warm weather, it was with a little trepidation when I turned on the air conditioning when we returned.  Air conditioning in February!  How much will that 5 minutes cost us? 😉


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