Day 351: extra cuddly little guy

The little guy got a stuffed doll at IKEA about a month ago, and it was amazing to see how he almost saw this doll as a little person with characteristics just like him.  He can point to the various facial features, the belly button, and so on.  And he also loves to hug him.

After that, it was like the flood gates of showing affection opened up.  He continued to hug his doll and other stuffed animals he has.  In addition, he has been coming to us and hugging us.  And kissing.  And hugging.  And kissing.  He will do it just because he feels like it or if we ask for a hug or kiss.  He will do it if he senses we are feeling a little down, which he is surprisingly good at.

This means that simply cuddling has also become something he likes to do.  I think maybe this is what he is sometimes looking for when he walks up to us with a book; there’s no other way yet for him to say, “hey, let’s cuddle.”  Any way that it happens is just fine for me. šŸ™‚


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