Day 352: Mr Helpful

The little guy really likes to walk around the house “helping” us.  I wrote a few weeks ago that he likes to throw away his diaper, but now this has extended quite a bit.  For example now he insists on helping clear the table after breakfast – which meant bringing the carton of milk to the kitchen.  Also, things like finding garbage on the floor and handing it to me, and even playing that he is putting food on the plates with plastic kitchen utensils (he can’t see table level, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless to see him reaching above his head with a plastic flipper).

This has of course extended outside as well.  Today we walked around a lot while I kicked a ball in front of us and he ran to kick it or pick it up.  Occasionally there would be a leaf or a few tiny pine cones, and then he’d stop what he was doing to get them and bring them to me.

This whole thing is super funny to me at the moment, but I’m sure that it will lose its charm as time goes, especially when in a hurry.  But for now I will just breathe it in and smile πŸ™‚


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