Day 361: Should We Do a Family Holiday?

We have realized that we have no plans for the Easter holiday, so we have begun discussing the options of places to go.

The idea to go somewhere stems from a larger conversation my wife and I had about the fact that our vision for me and the little guy when we came to Hong Kong was that we would go with my wife when she made work trips around Asia.  Now, almost 1 year later, we have only done 1 trip: Vietnam, and the rest have been back-and forth between Hong Kong and Sweden.

So, on we search, and search, and search.  Japan?  S. Korea?  Thailand?  Philippines?  Do we want city and/or cultural experiences, or a resort and a “relax by the beach” time.  I guess it depends on what we want out of the trip, right?

Our criteria seems simple enough: not too expensive, a direct flight, not too far away.  Easy, right?  Nope.

The thing is, we have to take into consideration the needs of the little guy.  Right now, and probably for the next 5 years, he wants to be on the move.  He wants to go, go, go, have activity, see things, do things.  If we go to a city, we have to make sure there are places where he can run around, and things that would interest a 15 month-old.  If we go to a beach or a resort, I think he would like having the time by the water in the sand, but I think my wife and I might go crazy – we are not really “hang out at the beach” kind of people, although my favorite place in the world is Antibes, France, and that is a beach city and we just hung out on the beach there as a big part of our time there.

Anyway, there is also the reality that we need this trip, too.  “We” meaning my wife and me.  We have not really done a lot for our relationship this last year, because to be honest the little guy comes 1st, and our relationship is not even a close 2nd (or 3rd or 4th?).  It is not an uncommon thing, so it does not freak me out, but it is important that we actually get that “us time” together, in the form of date nights, and things like that, which have only happened a few times in the last 15 months.  So, maybe a trip like this will give us that opportunity to spend that time together that we need for our relationship.

So on we search, looking for the best place to travel to that will suit all of our needs as a family.  When I think about it, it starts to get a little too much, and I start to wonder if maybe a little “staycation” in Hong Kong is not the answer instead 😉


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