Day 362: Make ’em Tired

Now that the little guy is a full-blown toddler, it seems like I have one role: make him tired.  Wear him out with physical activity and/or mental stimulation at intervals that will allow him to sit long enough to eat or be transported to the new destination I decide to bring him.

For example, today I was having a hard time getting him to eat lunch after he just sat in the stroller to get to Hong Kong Park.  So, I eventually gave in and walked around with him on the way to the aviary.  Then, as we walked up a very steep hill (steep by adult standards, this must’ve been Mt Everest by toddler standards!), he got so tired he simply sat down and wanted to eat, right there in the middle of the pathway.  I sat right next to him and gave him his food, not caring a bit that we were sitting on a steep walkway.

Then we went to a playgroup at St John’s cathedral, which is at quiet times nice, and at busier times chaos.  He played and enjoyed himself and was clearly tired when we left.  And then tonight he got a lot of books and running around the apartment.

So it seems that my role is to wear him out, to make him tired, so we can jump back into it the next day.  And tomorrow is another trip to Disneyland, so I hope he’s ready! 


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