Day 390: WATERmelon

We are almost done with our time in Thailand.  It went so quickly, and I cannot believe we stayed at the resort without really even leaving it for the entire time.  Neither my wife nor I are like that typically, but when you have a 16-month old, it is nice to fall into a rhythm.  Mornings at the beach/ocean, nap for him / read for us, lunch, playroom inside, then swimming in the afternoon shade.  One thing we had trouble with all the heat (32 degrees) was getting the little guy to drink water.

“Skol!”  We would say, hoping he would enjoy the game and drink along with us.  Nope.  Or I should say he would, but it would not be enough, or for long enough.  Going inside to get out of the heat?  Not working, still not drinking much.

Hmmm.  What about watermelon?  It’s 91-92% water (depending on your source).  So if we can get him to eat some, it’ll get him the water he needs!  Did it work?  YES!  This afternoon for example he ate 1/4 of a watermelon.  I got the scraps.

It is super challenging to get someone to drink water who does not understand the need, or does not know what dehydration is.  So of all the things we tried this week regarding water consumption, this one seems to be our winner.  

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